Practical Guides to Avoid Being Fooled for Moissanite

Study moissanite diamonds for 8 years, 9 super practical guides to avoid being fooled

Are you confused How come there is such a big difference in the evaluation of moissanite diamonds

I know there are a lot of people talking about the disadvantages of moissanite diamonds, no matter what they say, the biggest problem here is that they all compare moissanite diamonds with natural diamonds! Let's say we have a 1 carat top quality Moissanite diamond ring with a plain band in 18k gold and the finished product costs about $500+, while a natural diamond ring? I'm afraid that even if it's a very poor quality kind, it will cost $10,000. Is this fair? This is the biggest injustice in the jewelry industry. Also, those who say you can tell a moissanite diamond from a natural diamond at a glance? Are you sure you've seen a top quality moissanite?

So, assuming you just want to spend money on a beautiful, shiny, eye-catching beauty to wear on your hands, you should be more concerned about the following! How you can get more value for your money and stay away from those big pitfalls of Moissanite diamond shopping.

So, I have specially put together 9 guides to avoid being fooled by my 8 years of moissanite diamond research experience::

1️In about 2016, Chinese moissanite diamonds have reached the international advanced level. It is certain that there is no difference between Chinese top Moissanite diamonds and American Moissanite diamonds, but the price of Moissanite diamonds of American origin is particularly high. Therefore, those sellers who show you the so-called American-made certificate, please quickly detour, their biggest selling point is expensive.

2️Don't believe the nonsense of Nepalese moissanite diamonds, moissanite diamonds were invented for military use, you dare to believe that one of the world's poorest countries can make this thing?

3️Moissan diamond is a laboratory stone, the composition is synthetic silicon carbide. The hardness of diamond is 10, and moissanite is second only to it, at 9.25. So diamonds are forever, and so are moissanite diamonds!

4️Why do some moissanite diamonds turn yellow after wearing for a long time? This is because you have bought coated diamonds. In order to make the Moissanite diamond with very poor quality shine, unscrupulous businessmen use the coating make-up! So, as you wear it for a long time, the coating naturally oxidizes and becomes yellow!

5️As far as I know, moissanite diamonds from Southeast Asia are of poor quality and have a black history of coating, so pay attention to the origin.

6️The real moissanite diamond can certainly pass the stylus, but can pass the stylus is not necessarily a moissanite diamond, may be coated zirconia.

7️Those very cheap moissanite diamonds should beware, nine out of ten are not moissanite diamonds, zircon is more likely to cost as little as a few cents.

8️At present, colored moissanite diamonds I do not recommend you to buy, because the basic are coated, individual colors really have crystal grade, but you can hardly buy.

9️ Moissanite diamonds blue? That's because the crystal with a blue background, moissanite diamonds yellow? That is because of the use of yellow-backed crystals, in short, these are very poor moissanite diamonds!

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