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'Fantasy and Splendor' Hairband'Fantasy and Splendor' Hairband
'Shining New Star' Rhinestones Headband
'Red Meteor Shower' Rhinestones Headband
'Purple Fantasy' Rhinestone Headband'Purple Fantasy' Rhinestone Headband
'Checkered Retro' Rhinestones Headband'Checkered Retro' Rhinestones Headband
'Shimmering Palette' Dazzling Multicolored Rhinestone Hairband'Shimmering Palette' Dazzling Multicolored Rhinestone Hairband
'Antarctic Ice' Rhinestones Headband'Antarctic Ice' Rhinestones Headband
'Noble Princess' Rhinestones Headband'Noble Princess' Rhinestones Headband
'Changeable Barbie' Headband'Changeable Barbie' Headband
'Princess of Egypt' Rhinestone Headband'Princess of Egypt' Rhinestone Headband

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