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'Shining New Star' Rhinestones Headband
'Red Meteor Shower' Rhinestones Headband
'Pink Shadow' Rose Quartz Bracelet'Pink Shadow' Rose Quartz Bracelet
'Deep Charm' Black Onyx Ring'Deep Charm' Black Onyx Ring
'Sea's Beauty' Larimar Ring'Sea's Beauty' Larimar Ring
'Broken Wing Butterfly' Ruby Pendant'Broken Wing Butterfly' Ruby Pendant
'Princess's Cake' Baroque Pearl Pendant'Princess's Cake' Baroque Pearl Pendant
'Nocturnal Devotion' Cross Garnet Pendant'Nocturnal Devotion' Cross Garnet Pendant
'Time-etched' Ruby Bracelet'Time-etched' Ruby Bracelet
'Time-etched' Ruby Ring'Time-etched' Ruby Ring
'Lyrical Luminescence' Opal Ring'Lyrical Luminescence' Opal Ring
'The Source of Life' Blue Sapphire Ring'The Source of Life' Blue Sapphire Ring
'Blue Enchantress' Topaz Ring & Ear Studs & Pendant Jewelry Set'Blue Enchantress' Topaz Ring & Ear Studs & Pendant Jewelry Set
'Opulent Harmony' Green Opal Ear Studs'Opulent Harmony' Green Opal Ear Studs
'Violet Twilight' Lavender Amethyst Ear Studs'Violet Twilight' Lavender Amethyst Ear Studs
2 CT Blue Moissanite Necklace2 CT Blue Moissanite Necklace
'Dreamy Splendor' Black Opal Ear Studs'Dreamy Splendor' Black Opal Ear Studs
'Field Flowers' 3 Color Ear Studs'Field Flowers' 3 Color Ear Studs
'Abundant Blessings' Hypersthene Pendant'Abundant Blessings' Hypersthene Pendant
'Crimson Clover' Ruby Jewelry Set'Crimson Clover' Ruby Jewelry Set
'Sweet Flowers' Amber Pendant'Sweet Flowers' Amber Pendant
'Luxurious Luster' Black Opal Ring'Luxurious Luster' Black Opal Ring
'Moonlight Flower' Moonstone Earrings'Moonlight Flower' Moonstone Earrings
'The Butterfly's Love Song' Citrine Earrings'The Butterfly's Love Song' Citrine Earrings
'Sea Elf' Larimar Bracelet'Sea Elf' Larimar Bracelet
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'Queen's Teardrop' 18k Gold Freshwater Pearl Pendant'Queen's Teardrop' 18k Gold Freshwater Pearl Pendant
'Pink Blessing' Strawberry Quartz Bracelet'Pink Blessing' Strawberry Quartz Bracelet
'Oath Promise' Larimar Earrings'Oath Promise' Larimar Earrings
'Marine Opulence' Larimar Pendant'Marine Opulence' Larimar Pendant
'Romantic Fruit' Rose Quartz Pendant'Romantic Fruit' Rose Quartz Pendant

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