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'Hearts United' Garnet Ear Studs'Hearts United' Garnet Ear Studs
'Nocturnal Devotion' Cross Garnet Pendant'Nocturnal Devotion' Cross Garnet Pendant
'Birthmonth Guardian' Gems Choker'Birthmonth Guardian' Gems Choker
Love's Embrace' Garnet NecklaceLove's Embrace' Garnet Necklace
'Lyrical Luminescence' Garnet Ring & Necklace'Lyrical Luminescence' Garnet Ring & Necklace
'Flame Panther' Garnet Bracelet'Flame Panther' Garnet Bracelet
'Red Meteors that Pierce the Night' Garnet & Spinel Necklace'Red Meteors that Pierce the Night' Garnet & Spinel Necklace
'Evil Eye' Garnet & Topaz Necklace'Evil Eye' Garnet & Topaz Necklace
'Treasure Keeper' Gems Ring'Treasure Keeper' Gems Ring
'Sparkling Affection' Red Garnet Ring&Earrings'Sparkling Affection' Red Garnet Ring&Earrings
'Red Pomegranate Flavored Candy' Garnet Ring'Red Pomegranate Flavored Candy' Garnet Ring
'Red Mandala by the Lake' Rhodolite Ring'Red Mandala by the Lake' Rhodolite Ring
'Charming Talisma' Clover Garnet Bracelet'Charming Talisma' Clover Garnet Bracelet
'Glamorous Duo' Garnet and Black Onyx Stud Earrings'Glamorous Duo' Garnet and Black Onyx Stud Earrings
'Crimson Cascade' Garnet Ring'Crimson Cascade' Garnet Ring
'Kaleidoscope of Gems' Bracelet'Kaleidoscope of Gems' Bracelet

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