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"Dual Enchanting" Lapis Lazuli Jewelry Set"Dual Enchanting" Lapis Lazuli Jewelry Set
"Radiant Hearts" Garnet Bracelet"Radiant Hearts" Garnet Bracelet
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"Regal Radiance" Emerald-Encrusted Antique Silver Bangle"Regal Radiance" Emerald-Encrusted Antique Silver Bangle
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"Vintage Luxe" Citrine Jewelry Set"Vintage Luxe" Citrine Jewelry Set
Sale priceFrom $44.00
'A Bay Lake' Hetian Jade Earrings'A Bay Lake' Hetian Jade Earrings
'A Celestial Ballet of Stars' Pearl Choker'A Celestial Ballet of Stars' Pearl Choker
'A Midsummer Night's Dream' Multicolored Gems Necklace'A Midsummer Night's Dream' Multicolored Gems Necklace
'Adventure Forest' Geode Jewelry Set'Adventure Forest' Geode Jewelry Set
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'Affection Love' Ruby Earrings'Affection Love' Ruby Earrings
'Alice's Dream' Colorful Gemstones Ring'Alice's Dream' Colorful Gemstones Ring
'Alice's Tea Party' Ruby & Sapphire Ear Studs'Alice's Tea Party' Ruby & Sapphire Ear Studs
'Ancient Echoes' Ammolite Jewelry Set'Ancient Echoes' Ammolite Jewelry Set
'Angel Feather' Blue Sapphire Jewelry Set'Angel Feather' Blue Sapphire Jewelry Set
'Angel Heart' Amethyst Pendant'Angel Heart' Amethyst Pendant
'Angel Heart' Citrine Pendant'Angel Heart' Citrine Pendant
'Angels & Natural Gem Stone Earrings'Angels & Natural Gem Stone Earrings
'Arctic Blue' Lapis Lazuli Earrings'Arctic Blue' Lapis Lazuli Earrings
'Atlantis Legacy' Pearl Earrings'Atlantis Legacy' Pearl Earrings
'Aurora Ukraine' Swiss Blue Topaz Ring'Aurora Ukraine' Swiss Blue Topaz Ring
'Autumn Red' Carnelian Bracelet'Autumn Red' Carnelian Bracelet
'Azure Dance' Sapphire Ring'Azure Dance' Sapphire Ring
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'Azure Elegance' Larimar Ring'Azure Elegance' Larimar Ring
'Beads Swaying in the Wind' Pearl Earrings'Beads Swaying in the Wind' Pearl Earrings
'Beautiful Sunset' Edison Pearl Ring'Beautiful Sunset' Edison Pearl Ring
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'Beauty Queen' Alexandrite Ring'Beauty Queen' Alexandrite Ring
'Bee-inspired Delight' Garnet & Citrine Jewelry Set'Bee-inspired Delight' Garnet & Citrine Jewelry Set
'Birthmonth Guardian' Gems Choker'Birthmonth Guardian' Gems Choker
Sale priceFrom $27.00
'Black Love' Black Onyx Jewelry Set'Black Love' Black Onyx Jewelry Set
Sale priceFrom $55.00
'Black Mary' Black Opal Earrings'Black Mary' Black Opal Earrings
'Black Sliver' Hypersthene Ring'Black Sliver' Hypersthene Ring

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