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'Celestial Prism' Moissanite Tennis Bracelet'Celestial Prism' Moissanite Tennis Bracelet
Sale price$70.00 Regular price$89.00
'Blue Royalty' Blue Sapphire Bracelet'Blue Royalty' Blue Sapphire Bracelet
'Pink Shadow' Rose Quartz Bracelet'Pink Shadow' Rose Quartz Bracelet
'Time-etched' Ruby Bracelet'Time-etched' Ruby Bracelet
Sale price$89.00
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'Sea Elf' Larimar Bracelet'Sea Elf' Larimar Bracelet
Sale price$169.00
'Pink Blessing' Strawberry Quartz Bracelet'Pink Blessing' Strawberry Quartz Bracelet
'Vivid Spectrum' Multicolored Gems Ring & Earrings & Bracelet'Vivid Spectrum' Multicolored Gems Ring & Earrings & Bracelet
'Sea's Secret' Blue Sapphire Bangle'Sea's Secret' Blue Sapphire Bangle
Passion Flower' South Red Agate BraceletPassion Flower' South Red Agate Bracelet
'Colorful Kaba Stars' Fluorite Bracelet'Colorful Kaba Stars' Fluorite Bracelet
'Pixiu's Blessing' Kuka & Jade Bracelet'Pixiu's Blessing' Kuka & Jade Bracelet
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'Prosperity Emblem' Ruby Bracelet'Prosperity Emblem' Ruby Bracelet
'Enchanting Ocean' Larimar Bracelet'Enchanting Ocean' Larimar Bracelet
'Grandiose Sparkle' Ametrine Bracelet'Grandiose Sparkle' Ametrine Bracelet
'Kaleidoscopic Radiance' Tourmaline Bracelet'Kaleidoscopic Radiance' Tourmaline Bracelet
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'Jungle Reverie' Tanzanite Bracelet'Jungle Reverie' Tanzanite Bracelet
'Flame Panther' Garnet Bracelet'Flame Panther' Garnet Bracelet
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'Noble Blue' Sapphire Tennis Bracelet'Noble Blue' Sapphire Tennis Bracelet
Tiger's Eye Choker & Bracelet 2 in 1Tiger's Eye Choker & Bracelet 2 in 1
'Queen' Tourmaline Jewelry Set'Queen' Tourmaline Jewelry Set
Sale priceFrom $125.00
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'Princess Diary' Pink Topaz Bracelet'Princess Diary' Pink Topaz Bracelet
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'London Afternoon' Citrine Tennis Bracelet'London Afternoon' Citrine Tennis Bracelet
'Gorgeous Encounter' Tourmaline Jewelry Set'Gorgeous Encounter' Tourmaline Jewelry Set
'Touch Purity' Clear Quartz Jewelry Set'Touch Purity' Clear Quartz Jewelry Set
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'Colorful Holy Light' Gems Bracelet'Colorful Holy Light' Gems Bracelet
'Ripples in Blue' Aquamarine Bracelet'Ripples in Blue' Aquamarine Bracelet
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'Grassland Window' Emerald Bracelet'Grassland Window' Emerald Bracelet
Sale price$125.00 Regular price$259.00
'Pink Ocean Oil Painting' Rhodochrosite & Pearl Jewelry Set'Pink Ocean Oil Painting' Rhodochrosite & Pearl Jewelry Set
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'Wild Cheetah' Pearl Jewelry Set'Wild Cheetah' Pearl Jewelry Set
Sale priceFrom $16.00
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'Green Shade Garden' Peridot & Pearl Jewelry Set'Green Shade Garden' Peridot & Pearl Jewelry Set

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