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Brief intro of Founder
Our founder, Cynthia Wang, born in China, has lived in Melbourne Australia for over 9 years and over 2 years in Europe after 18 year of age. After getting her Fashion Design Bachelor Degree in Whitehouse Institute of Design Australia, Cynthia has not only gained her experience&skills towards fashion, but also developed a strong passion toward gemmology and Jewellery making in her later years of life. Being one of the jewellery designers herself, Cynthia has launched her brand ‘Cynthia Wang’ from January 2023.
Brand Concept
We are dedicated to provide high quality and uniquely designed jewelries with a stronger fashionable attitute in an affordable price. We believe these natural gemstones would add more joys and spiritual benefits to make our life more splendid.
Supplying Resource&Manufacturing
With close collaborations of many experienced craftsman, our jewelries are hand-crafted with strict quality control in high quality and ethical freshwater pearls, natural crystals and other precious gemstones such as natural topaz, opal, amber, jade, etc. that origins from all over the world. We have mainly used the folowing types of metals:
  1. 925 Stirling silver (long lifespan, can be renewed easily with a polishing cloth given by us or silver polishing liquid of your own choice)
  1. gold vermeil: 18K gold coated 925 Stirling silver (many years of lifespan and can be replated to look brand-new again)
  1. thicker layers of authentic 14k or 18k gold mostly vacuum-plated on copper or titanium steel, which are more durable than cheep alloy metals that are plated with fake gold.
  1. We are trying our best to use more biodegradable bag and environmentally-friendly gift box. You can keep the gift box we offer you for free to reserve your beloved jewellery for corrosion-resistant purpose.
  1. We would love to offer some complementary gift such as a delicate hair pin, hair band or little scarf as a small token of appreciation.
Gemstone Authenticity:
With Freshwater pearls, by simply rub or grind them with somewhere harsh, you will see pearl powder coming off, the texture of pearl still remains to be perfectly fine, then it means it is a real pearl. If it is a faux pearl, you will find the plastics come off after a gentle scratch. So you can easily testify a pearl is real or not. Whereas with other natural gemstones, because we don’t want to add more cost to our dear customer (all the jewellery store who provides you with certificate on each jewellery have added that cost already on their product, so you are paying that extra fee by default no matter you want or not) So please feel free to testify in your local gemstone authority(it shouldn’t be expensive, every country have their testifying organisations) We support certificate issues from our local government-certified gem testing laboratory upon request with a little bit of additional cost.

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