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'Luxurious Queen' Icy Blue Chalcedony Jewelry Set'Luxurious Queen' Icy Blue Chalcedony Jewelry Set
Large Buckle Interchangeable Pendant CombinationLarge Buckle Interchangeable Pendant Combination
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'Luxury Blue' Sapphire Ear Studs'Luxury Blue' Sapphire Ear Studs
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'Dance of Butterflies' Sapphire Pendant'Dance of Butterflies' Sapphire Pendant
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'Beauty Queen' Alexandrite Ring'Beauty Queen' Alexandrite Ring
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'Seaside Love' Larimar Ring & Necklace'Seaside Love' Larimar Ring & Necklace
'Enchanted Forest' Branch Design Blue Sapphire Ring'Enchanted Forest' Branch Design Blue Sapphire Ring
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'Ocean Rose' Aquamarine Jewelry Set'Ocean Rose' Aquamarine Jewelry Set
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'Dance of Leaves' Jadeite Jewelry Set'Dance of Leaves' Jadeite Jewelry Set
'Thousands of Years of Memory' Blue Agate Cameo Ring & Necklace'Thousands of Years of Memory' Blue Agate Cameo Ring & Necklace
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'Rose Under the Moon' Dangling Earrings'Rose Under the Moon' Dangling Earrings
'Ethereal Blooms' Labradorite Pendant'Ethereal Blooms' Labradorite Pendant
'Winged Reverie' Kyanite Necklace'Winged Reverie' Kyanite Necklace
'Alice's Tea Party' Ruby & Sapphire Ear Studs'Alice's Tea Party' Ruby & Sapphire Ear Studs
'Blue Secret' Sapphire Ear Studs'Blue Secret' Sapphire Ear Studs
'Azure Dance' Sapphire Ring'Azure Dance' Sapphire Ring
Sale price$38.00
'Blue Majesty' Fluorite Ring'Blue Majesty' Fluorite Ring
'Sunburst Radiance' Topaz Necklace'Sunburst Radiance' Topaz Necklace
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'Luxurious Blossoms' Blue Sapphire Earrings'Luxurious Blossoms' Blue Sapphire Earrings
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'Waves of Elegance' Blue Sapphire Ring'Waves of Elegance' Blue Sapphire Ring
'Twilight Whispers' Lapis Lazuli Ring'Twilight Whispers' Lapis Lazuli Ring
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'Mystic Clarity' Aquamarine Jewelry Set'Mystic Clarity' Aquamarine Jewelry Set
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'Jungle Reverie' Tanzanite Bracelet'Jungle Reverie' Tanzanite Bracelet
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'Twilight Serenity' Tanzanite Ring'Twilight Serenity' Tanzanite Ring
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'Luminescent Lullaby' Blue Sapphire Necklace'Luminescent Lullaby' Blue Sapphire Necklace
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'Ethereal Bloom' Blue Sapphire Earrings'Ethereal Bloom' Blue Sapphire Earrings
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'Faint Heartbeat' Earrings & Necklace'Faint Heartbeat' Earrings & Necklace
'The Deep Blue Planet' Lapis Earrings'The Deep Blue Planet' Lapis Earrings
'Angel Feather' Blue Sapphire Jewelry Set'Angel Feather' Blue Sapphire Jewelry Set
'Moonlight on Wings' Moonstone Earrings'Moonlight on Wings' Moonstone Earrings

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